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Lines upon the Skin (SIGNED COPY)

Julie Haydon

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"I think I knew even then it would be my maps that would take me across the world, to places and people unknown and into cultures otherwise closed to me. In mapping them I would come to know them a little and at times my very eagerness pained me."

Ashil is an apprentice cartographer, keen to travel and explore the world. When she befriends the confident Chandra, a nomad mapdrawer, her plans are set in motion. Together with the shy but talented Lilith, they seek independence and adventure, as demand for their maps takes them far across the continent of Tirayi. As they travel, they are joined by the mysterious tracker Alexa and the beautiful dancer Carly.

Bound by friendship and drawn by the novelty of the unknown, the five move from job to job. Until, in the stunning seaside city of Cynal, amid the merry calls of the merfolk and the strange attentions of their silent follower, the women find romance and excitement.

But an incident in their past is catching up with them and will lead them into a dangerous confrontation with the Evil One. The mystical white panther, believed to be a messenger from the gods, is rumoured to be reappearing. And the Evil One intends to gain control of it. And nothing, especially not five young women, will stand in the Evil One's way.

Fantasy fiction. Paperback. 1995.

496 pages (first edition: blue cover).