Free shipping within Australia on orders over $75.


on1. Do you ship overseas?

At the moment, Haydon Art is selling and shipping only within Australia. 

2. What currency are listed prices shown in?

Listed prices are in Australian dollars (AUD).

3. Do prices include GST?

Yes, all listed prices include GST. 

4. Is shipping free within Australia?

Shipping is free on all purchases $75 and over. Shipping on purchases less than $74.99 is $7.95.

5. If I buy more than one item, will the items arrive together?

If you buy multiple items, they may arrive in separate packages. Artwork is always packaged separately to prevent it from becoming damaged. However, if you buy multiples of the same item, such as books, in most instances they will arrive together.

6. Can I get more information about a particular painting/product?

Yes, if you require more information about any product we sell, please email us at

7. Where are your products made?

All artwork is created in Australia and the printing that appears on products such as mugs is done in Australia. The base materials (e.g. blank canvas, paint, bare mug) come from a variety of countries. Books are written in Australia and printed in either Australia or the USA.

8. Will the colours on a printed product, such as a T-shirt or mug, be exactly the same as the colours on the original painting, drawing or photograph?

No, there may be some variation in the colours. It is not possible to reproduce the exact colours on the printed products we sell. 

9. Can I visit your studio?

Studio visits may be possible by arrangement. Please email us at for further information.

10. Can I look at a painting virtually before purchasing it?

Yes! If there is a piece of art that you would like to see, a virtual viewing can be arranged. Please email us at for more information.

11. Can I reproduce your artwork or photographs?

No, all artwork and photographs are protected by copyright.

12. If I buy a piece of art who owns the copyright?

If you buy a product such as a piece of art, a book, or a mug with a design on it, you own the physical product, but you do not own the copyright. The copyright remains with the creator of the painting, drawing, manuscript, photograph, design etc. The creator can use their work on other products, which is why you may see a painting reproduced on a mug or T-shirt.

13. Can I return a piece of artwork if I don't like it?

Yes, please refer to our Refund Policy. Please keep in mind that you must pay the cost of returning a piece of artwork plus transit insurance. This can be expensive, particularly for large pieces. You must also make the insurance claim if the returned artwork arrives damaged. Haydon Art will not issue a refund on artwork that arrives damaged. However, as we want you to feel confident when selecting a piece of art, we offer virtual artwork viewings. During a virtual viewing, you can see the piece from any angle and ask whatever questions you may have. This way we hope to avoid the issue of returns entirely.

14. How do I know which size T-shirt or windcheater to buy?

Please refer to the sizing chart that accompanies each garment. Also, from time to time photographs of Julie and her friends wearing Haydon Art garments will be posted on the Haydon Art social media pages with the garment sizes listed. 

15. Can I exchange an item of clothing for a different size?

All our clothing is printed on demand, one item at a time. We do not keep stock on hand. Therefore, we do not exchange items for different sizes. Please refer to the sizing chart for each type of garment before making a purchase. In particular, take note of whether an item is described as running true to size. If you have any queries regarding sizing, please email us at before making your purchase. We will be happy to help you.

16. Can I suggest a different colour for an item of clothing?

Yes, of course. We select the clothing colours we believe will be the most popular, but if you would like to see one of our designs on a different coloured item, please email us at We will be happy to hear from you. 

17. What is the shipping time?

Shipping time for products is approximately 2-3 weeks. However, delays may occur. Please check your tracking number to stay up to date with the progress of your order. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU ORDER EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS AS SHIPPING TIMES ARE OFTEN LONGER DURING THIS PERIOD.

18. If I tag Haydon Art on a photograph of myself wearing/using one of your products, will you share my photograph on your social media pages?

We will certainly try! Please do tag us whenever you are wearing/using our products in a photograph. We love to see people wearing our clothes, using our mugs, and displaying our art.

19. How do I send a compliment/complaint/suggestion to Haydon Art?

If you would like to provide feedback, the best way is to email us at or simply use the Contact Us form.

LAST UPDATED: 6 February 2023